This site is addressed to brothers, sisters, and friends of the Assumption who would like to know more about Assumption's work in the East and the reality of the Oriental Church.

Besides, it is addressed in a special way to the brothers and sisters of the Assumption who are in the East, who have as their goal to be a locus of exchange and sharing for all.

To know ourselves and to make ourselves known in order to live and to help all of the Assumption live with the two great lungs of the Church: that's the contribution that we would like to make, all the while aware of our limits.

Thanks to all those who can help us by their contributions, their suggestions, their remarks, and their good-will.

Here is the email address that you can use for this purpose:

If you would like to receive web updates, send us an email at the address above and place as subject of the email: assomption orient. 

Thank you.

The Plovdiv Community