Brief Travelling reflections.


Who prepares a pilgrimage whit the orthodox life way?

We can find into the spiritual orthodox church riches texts that we can help us to take the way in the pilgrimage?


This are the questions by that I thinks about it and in there I put all my mind before take the trip to Lourdes wit our faithful and whit our orthodox brothers that sheer wit us this experience

“… tanks at the Lord I’m men and Christian , for my acts a sinner, for be a travelling whit out shelter, In the most down condition, every day do manic in place to place, whit me my bag, inside dry breads, in my coat the Holy Bible and that’s all…”

Every body recognised this words in the famous bock begins “recit d’un pelerine russe” (ruse travelling recital) the unknown writer let us a unforgettable testimony about the power of the pray and about the necessity in any one of us to “take the way”

This men travel is find in the deep says that is manifested trough the listen the word of the Lord.

“… we let the Apostle Epistle to the Thessalonians, in the part that says: Pray whit out rest. This lines go into the deep side in my spirit an I ask me who is possible pray whit out rest when some one have a lot of works to do to survive our life..”

take the way is first before all answer the call of the Lord who invite us to find him in the rout of our life.


Whit the God’s word power, the bock’s protagonist, star a long spiritual itinerary were the heart will have a privileges place. The experimented old people that hi will find will trust him that “… the Apostle says the pray on off all: I exhort before off all to pray (1 Tm. 2,1) all the good works are required to the Christians, but the action to pray is always first before any thing that you do, because whit out a pray nothing good can be completed.

To be travelling is first before nothing a deep inside of our self disposition to recognise the precarious of our human condition whit the conciseness about the life in the same life is a pilgrimage.

The pray is the way the have give us to cross our way: ( but wit out the pray nothing good can be completed…).

In this way explain the spiritual advisors at the travelling, is ((( active experience in the simplicity of the heart… experience fed for the action…))) is also the way to perfect that don’t it depends of us (.. only the custom was be let us in our power)

Obviously inside the oriental tradition the distinction between the action and the contemplation don’t have a lot sense: the pray is the fundamental action that was the origin of the other actions.


In the mass in Munich, before the recent trip to Germany, the Pope, make mention at Asian and African bishops emphasizing: ((… the experience of this bishops is exactly that the evangelisation must have like the priority, that the Lord and Jesus Christ must be knotweed , believed, and loved they must open the hearts to the social condition must go on in progress that in the end the reconciliation make a progress.


(( the social act an the evangelisation are inseparable )) that was the Pope’s affirmation before explain: (( there the we carried to the men only our knowledge our know make, our technical capacitating and our work instruments we carried a little )).


The oriental sensibility translate this word like “is necessary make the human like the pilgrimage”


((we go into to the cellule and the oldest let us the follow words: the pray to Jesus, inside us and constant Is the continue and never disturb invocation of the Jesus name whit the lips, the heart and the intelligence in the feeling about her presence in every place and every time dispense of the dreams, that is experimented only for her word “Lord Jesus Christ take mercy about me”


The bock “ruse travelling recital” show us so well the riches about one spiritual life. In the orient church were the pray off the heart (the Jesus pray) in one old venerable tradition in some kind of way in the soul of the orient theology.

We know inside the biblical tradition, invocate the name of the Lord mains have present his person.

In that way we make a transformation, he transfigure us, we are so near to him to we invocate, this Is a process of (divinisation) that we can make trough the men’s communion hi lead for the pray.


Some times, must be even in the Assumption, we think that we know well the orient in her extern part, in there small concepts. That is not possible.

Is not enough know all about the Orient to understand the orient.

Is necessary take the experience, make a pilgrimage and certificated the call of the Lord.

The never rest pray for the invocation the Jesus name is a gift, is a spiritual work trust in us in special and particular way to the Assumptions that be part of the orient mission it must make a tradition founded on the life lived yet, there were the travelling ruse situation and off the all before him and all after him follow the spiritual life.


Exist in the Assumption some religious, laics, friends, that live inside here hearts the which to live her travelling lead for the heart pray.


The answer at that question is in the practise….

To know if the Lord call me is enough to stared to says whit the lips (( My Lord Jesus Christ Take mercy about me ))