In order for us to help you….


«45. As it concluded its reflection, intent upon and thoroughly aware of forming a single body, the Chapter decided to pay special attention to three apostolic priorities to which the Congregation is committed. Their implementation will vary due to the diversity of persons, communities, Provinces and Vice-Provinces. The Chapter gave the Superior General particular responsibility for the implementation of the two first priorities. (cf. # 136).


I. Mission in Eastern Europe


46. The Mission in Eastern Europe (“Mission d’Orient”) is an essential component of the missionary and ecumenical thrust of the Church. Benedict XVI reaffirmed it as a priority for the Catholic Church. All of our communities there live in contact with the Orthodox Church and even of several Churches, especially in Jerusalem and in Istanbul.


47. Our communities serving the Catholic Church of the Oriental rite in Romania and Bulgaria offer us the opportunity to experience another approach to the mystery of God and to “breathe with the two lungs of the Church,” to use the expression of Pope John Paul II.


48. This mission is a heritage we have received. The “Mission d’Orient” gave the Congregation its first beatified members. They encourage us to make it bear fruit.


49. The “Mission d’Orient” is a fascinating adventure for today. It is rooted in major cultural and religious centers where the encounter between Christians of various Churches as well as with Jews and Muslims is played out. »                                     


Cf Acts of the General Chapter Augustinians of the Assumption

Rome, May 1-22 2005, p.15



Dear Brothers, Ssiters, and Friends of the Assumption,


These texts from the Acts of General Chapter encourage us to enter into dialogue with all of you with regard to this priority which is fundamental to the « project of the Congregation » until 2011.


We, Assumptionists in the East, feel particularly called to follow up concretely on these orientations of the Chapter. We make our own what Fr. Richard Lamoureux said in the introduction to the  Acts of the last General Chapter :


«This General Chapter sought to produce no texts. The participants at the pre-capitular Workshop on Vocation Ministry shared a similar sentiment:

“It is no longer a time for impressive documents or recommendations without concrete follow-up, but a time to translate what has already been decided into concrete actions.” No more texts. » (cf. beginning of the preface)



Our goal is to help you understand the East and to share with you the love for this world that enlivens us. We aren’t « specialists » of the East ; we are simply brothers, whom Assumption, in the Lord’s name,  has called to maintain a living link with this reality for all of those who in our Congregation and beyond wish to understand better the places, the history, the spirituality and the Christian brothers of the Orthodox Church.


Even if it’s a little bit strong,  the image of the two lungs of the Church helps us to convey to you our deep desire which is help Assumption breathe with the other lung of the Church. 


We are especially thinking of you, brothers in America, Asia, and Africa….


But how can we achieve our goal ?


All projects, in order for them to become reality, require reflection first of all. In order to share our love for the East, we must know what you think of this world, what you imagine this faroff world to be like, what place this first priority of the General Chapter holds today in your life of prayer, your common life, and your apostolate, this priority which we are called to make our own in the upcoming years . 


Here is the concrete work that we are proposing to you : to respond to the following questions and to send us your responses by email or regular mail to the following addresses :


e-mail : aa_plovdiv @


regular mail :


 Krestio Pastouhov,22





The questions to which we are inviting a response :


  What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one says, « Mission d’Orient » ?


  What is of interest to you regarding this reality, sometimes so far off, in relation to your own cultural and religious tradition ?


  Would you like to discover and deepen your knowledge of this Church reality ?


  Do you have any recommedations you would like to make in this regard ?


We’re looking forward to receiving your replies, hoping that they are numerous.


In the Lord’s name we thank you in advance.



                                                                                                               The Community of Plovdiv