Turkey: Testimony of Eynar Ueda


This trip to Turkey was somewhat new for me, the discovery of a culture, of myself, and of the churchís history; the opportunity to know everyday more deeply the Assumption and his members; to see the spirit of life of the Assumption, to know the grand grand grand grand father of the Assumption as father Bernard calls him, to see a different way of life I was not used to see. That was something Iíll never forget and I have to thank God for this. To listen and to see the Pope was something that truly touched my heart and made me feel my faith.

Istambul is a beautiful city, wherever you see it has big monuments and constructions, is beautiful at day and at night, in the sunset and in the morning. Passing from Asia to Europe in a small ship in half hour is something surprising and full of a historic sense that made me understand why Turkey is a rich and so important country in history:

is simple; °itís a bridge between two continents! To know that Vatican councils were celebrated in that country just where I was, to see the Moslem culture, to listen a Moslem prayer in the afternoon and at waking up; knowing them and to realize that them as we the Christians we love a single God that is the unique and true God; to see their devotion and their faith, even that itís celebrated and aforesaid in a different way; their passion to do, to feel and to give course at life every day, is something important that has given me a wealth that makes me full of happiness.

This period in Turkey, this full trip of discoveries. I lived it together many people, like the Assomptionistís fathers that live in Turkey with the community of Oblates of the Assomption, it was a quite large aid; to share the city with the father Yves and all its knowledge of history; to stroll in ship with the father Xavier its amiability and graciousness;

to eat the kitchen of the sisters Francoise and Odile and to share with interest the inculturing of the sister Monica,  all this makes me feel at home and not in a foreign country. Also I have to mention the fathers Daniel, Bernard and Andre whom I lived good pleasant moment and shared the city, together we lived this full trip of culture and history, I hope it had been the same for every one. I want to mention especially to father Richard with whom I had the opportunity to speak and to live together; I only had read about him and at last I had the opportunity to know him. I want to mention the pleasant companion of the fathers that came from Italy and our nice Russian father.

I want to thank Monsignor Louis Armel Pelatre and S. Felicia with who I visited the cathedral one day before the Pope went to celebrate the mass, he who let me enter and to S. Felicia because always she was with us in every moment and occasion doing the trip a pleasant thing for all of us. It clarifies that the O.A. are always with the fathers, that they always are part of the community, and that they are present in the good and in the bad times.

The mass celebrated in the cathedral where I could see the Pope I could feel the emotion of the people; the happiness of the small Christian town inside Istanbul; seeing the Pope for the first time in my life was somewhat impressive full of happiness, all this made me feel the Christian faith, the faith in God and in his Church.

I want to thanks for that special mass. I recalled my faith as a Catholic, I felt once more and again that with the faith you can do everything that you want and you can get to beyond where the people can see neither imagine.

This trip was too rich that is impossible to describe it in a few lines, anyway I tried it. Thanks to all those who made it possible and thanks to the Fatherss of the Assomption for letting me share this moment, to the O.A. for being always present. All of them helped this small soul that grows inside their family.

In this trip I recovered my faith completely, I cannot have a better souvenir of Turkey.

Once again thanks to the sons of Emanuel d' Alzon, now I know well that I love the Assomption and that I want to be with her, now I like discover if the Assumption wants to be with me.

Eynar Ueda