Endless expanses of water, entire villages destroyed, people in despair, wrecked houses, submerged crops, and rotting animal corpses - this is what Romanians see when they turn on the TV to watch the news bulletin. The waters have mainly withdrawn from the flooded areas, but have left disaster behind. The toll of the worst floods to have hit Romania in the last 30 years currently stands at more than 20 people dead, 14 thousand evacuated, almost 2600 households destroyed and thousands others wrecked, and 600 localities affected, of which dozens are still cut off as bridges and highways have been damaged.

Moreover, 150 thousand hectares of farmland have been flooded. Flood stricken families are struggling to save as much as can from a lifetime’s work. However, flood victims are not alone in this predicament. Romanian public figures, ordinary people and companies are landing a helping hand, by donating either money, food or construction materials. The authorities are providing the bare necessities and are making efforts to reinstate water, gas and electricity supply networks. The executive has earmarked funds to rebuild the infrastructure as soon as possible, by restoring railroads and damaged national roads and reconstructing bridges. Many countries and international institutions have offered their support for the restoration process in the affected areas.