November 13 Lest We Forget



On November 13 the universal Church will celebrate the feast of our three Bulgarian martyrs. Brothers and sisters in the Assumption are invited to give special attention to this day. What is its importance in the everyday life of the entire Assumption family?

As Christians and as religious we announce and we witness to the world that the history of humankind is fully understandable only in the light of Man encounter with God.

All the Scriptures and the history of the Church are proof of this encounter. Fathers Kamen, Pavel, and Josaphat are an integral part of this concrete and verifiable reality.

They were not heroes.

They were simply brothers who were found ready to witness to the presence of God in their lives at a place and at a time when Man violently refused to accept proof of his own destiny.

Christian memory is not a recollection of the past, but the underlining of an event that is capable of conveying the strength and the richness of God gift to Christians today.

We, the brothers and the sisters of the community of Plovdiv, are fortunate to live in the same places where our brother martyrs lived and, in a particular way, we are called to safeguard their memory and make it visible.

God chose them as an example for the entire Assumption family.

An example which speaks above all of a unity founded on the love of Our Lord Jesus Christ, unity in our communities, in the Church, and in the whole world.

A unity founded on the love of the Cross, a love which gives of itself until the end.

Perhaps our brother martyrs were not heroes, but they were certainly men of love.

To each and every one of you, brothers and sisters in the Assumption, we wish that you may live your life as they did.



The Community of Plovdiv