"A new Assumptionist troïka in Moscow for several weeks."

  A short article in the newsletter of the Province of France (#213) presents the Assumptionist troïka at the beginning of the month of December 2012 with a humorous text and photo. There you will find Frs. Slava Gorokhov, Celeste Pianezze and Lucas Chuffart.
  Since that time, the Moscovite troïka has changed names and colors. In reality, Fr. Celeste, because of the legal restrictions of our visas, had to leave for 90 days. So he returned to Romania on December 15 and then went on to Italy.
  For the same reason explains why the two Oblate sisters also returned to Romania on different days and why their community will be discontinued for two months.
  However, as luck would have it, our deacon, Pierre Tran Duc Long, who like me came from Lille, finally obtained his visa for Russia. So he's been here since January 11 to exercise his diaconate at our parish, St. Louis des Français, and especially to work with the Vietnamese community that has welcomed him with open arms.
  Pierre keeps a low profile, is even a bit reserved, and the ordeal of a Russian winter isn't without an effect on his morale. Since his arrival his Vietnamese friends have brought us a 45 lb bag of rice, two cartons of noodles, and a lot of Vietnamese soups. We have been spoiled.
  To qualify for a longer visa, Long must take Russian language courses at the university five days a week; his attendance is required, not to mention lots of homework. He's been trying to do so and not neglect his diaconal duties.
  In that capacity, in view of preparing the Têt holiday, on Sunday, February 3, he blessed, for the first time during his diaconate, the marriage of a young Vietnamese couple during the 7:30 PM Vietnamese Mass presided by Fr. Slava as usual. He'll have plenty of other opportunities to officiate at baptisms and weddings during the year.
  We wish him well.
  And the current, and ephemeral (?), troïka greets one and all from the northernmost, and most modest, corner of the Near Eastern Mission.
Fr. Lucas Chuffart, A.A., February 2013.