May 26, 2013


Dear Brother, Sisters, and Friends,

On the occasion of this feast of the Holy Trinity, the Assumptionist community of Moscow is happy to announce that it has been reunited ----finally !
Constituted officially on September 1, 2012, it took nine months (a symbolic period of gestation !) for the four members of the community to finally arrive in the Russian capital.

Their first meal together took place on the feast of the One and Holy Trinity (very appropriate) !

The reasons for the ‘delays’ or ‘absences’ were uniquely due to delays in obtaining visas or the new requirement of European citizens and foreign « agents » having to leave Russian soil for ninety days (after Frs. Celeste and Lucas had been present for just three months).

Let’s hope things work out better in the future !

The Assumptionist troïka is therefore composed of Fathers Celeste Pianezze, Slava Gorokhof, Lucas Chuffart and a brother deacon, Pierre Long. Let us also mention that two Romanian Oblate Sisters have also been around for a few weeks. So we can all begin to work together to run the parish of St. Louis here in Moscow.

During this rainy spring we haven’t been idle. First, there were confirmations in Russian at the cathedral, then with significant groups of children and young people First Communions and Professions of Faith at Saint-Louis. Baptisms and weddings are in the works.

It’s been wet here this year so far ; and what about where you are ?

Br. Long and Fathers Celeste and Lucas are taking Russian courses while Fr. Slava is taken up several days a week at the diocesan treasurer’s office, an important responsibility for a diocese that covers some 2,000 kilometers (1200 miles) from North to South.

We are anticipating our attendance at the meeting of the Assumptionist Near Eastern Mission, the provincial forum, various Assumptionist pilgrimages, and the Assumptionist ‘summer university’. But here again, there will be visa issues, for sure !

Will you ever receive photos of these your ‘carrier-pigeon’ brothers ?

But who can we find to take these shots ? The Holy Spirit, perhaps ?

Already our superior (Celeste) is happy that we’re numerous enough to take our turn in the kitchen ! And we are lucky to be able to look forward to Vietnamese offerings one day, Russian another, Italian a third, and finally French a fourth !
We are enjoying the opportunity of being together. Let’s hope it lasts !
A happy spring to one and all in the northern hemisphere.
Yours in the A.R.T.,