Plovdiv : They Visited Us


At the end of January Father Arthur Hervet who was at Istambul since a while came to Plovdiv for a week to get to know our community and submerge himself in the oriental tradition spirituality. Before leaving, he shared with us his impressions in the following words:

“For me, Plovdiv was a place filled with hope since saints lived here. I came here fearing, not of being disappointed, but of troubling this mysterious life that is resurfacing. I leave with joy for I have seen Christ on the cross with one arm almost torn off (separated from the body) as if to extend Himself to the whole world.
I also took part in the Divine Liturgy. I couldn’t at all understand the words, but the divine reality seized me. I rubbed shoulders with very human sisters and brothers, united to radiate the Divine Trinity. I leave with hope, to be born and reborn is very possible.”


From 19 to 22 February our community received the Provincial, Fr. Benoît Gričre, for the canonical visitation. This was a short time span but rich in exchanges and fraternity.


During the same period, Fr. Jean Pelletier, a priest from the diocese of Angers and a friend and companion of ordination of our own Fr. Daniel, came to spend a week with us.