The Father Hrabar has deceased.


This morning the father Harbar has died.
They are two weeks ago he was hospitalized in urgency for one blood blockade and immediately her conditions was serious.
He could not speak and after a week he was going in irreversible comatose situation.

The father Daniel Gillier in Sunday given him the unction for the sick and yesterday in the noon our Bishop Xristos Proicov, had coming from Sofia to give him the last greetings. In the course of yesterday had called us from the province of France, the Father Benoit Griere, to be reported of the condition of the F. Harbar. After the 1th January when Bulgarian and Rumania were integrated formally to the European union .

A sign of renewal, of change and opening for a new future. Someone of our community in Plovdiv, to be exactly, the Father Petar, told us joking that from now the future Bulgarians are not more Bulgarians now the are Europeans.
And in some kind of way this joke have something of true.

The new perspectives are opened for this country with all the positive aspects, but at same time will have to confronted some news difficulties.

The Father Hrabar who had celebrated their 90th birthday the past month of October, was part of the last generation of Bulgarian assomptionist, hi was part of those Bulgarians fathers that we know how had lived the persecution and one time in prison.

Today the Assomption in Bulgarian is after a lot of time European and at the same time international (sister Nicole from Congo). With the father Harbar one sad and hard past history is finish, where all the Bulgarian Assomptionist had give testimony of faith whit here blood.

We know that the suffering and the blood directed to the faith is a force for new life that will be present whit the past of the time. One greatest bequest, a source of life for the, Asuncion in Bulgaria where all the family of the Assomption in general must be return.

Thanks so much to Father Harbar, we will take the changeover with gratitude and recognition. Today your country is part of the United Europe, and in here entrance has taken immediately the role of the must poor and weak country .

The retreat secure monthly income is approximately of 100 leva, that is like 50 euro, the relations with the orthodox church is even now broken and one obstacle to win, the bad bequest of the communism is not completely erased the live even now in the spirits of the country, a new future exists to build.
And the Asuncion have to take one certainly role. We expect, lovely father, to make face at those new difficulties trusting also, whit our prayer, in your help and in the help of all the Bulgarian brothers that have preceded you.
The funeral service of the father Harbar will be in Monday morning. We call to all the brothers and laics of the Assomption to pray whit us by father Harbar.

The community of Plovdiv