Now is the time to live a new phase of my life.


I am finishing my first year in Bulgaria. I consider this time as a wonderful opportunity to discover myself. This experience has enriched my life. I not only discovered myself but I also discovered a new culture with new people. 

This experience revealed to me the strong bonds of friendship that I have in the world.

My family played an important role as well in this discovery of self. It was a time, moreover, I had the occasion to examine certain things in my life so as to understand them better.

Everything must come to an end and my year here as a volunteer is almost finished. Here  I have found people who now have a place in my heart and in my daily prayers.

I found someone that I can call “Master”, that I can admire, in whom I can really believe and who gave me a real desire to live. To be sure, I am speaking figuratively.

But the most important realization of this time as a volunteer is that I found a light of hope, a light that I can take in my hands and bring to my Master, my all and my God.

During this time I was able to read books that opened up new perspectives concerning my future. I discovered things on “the eternal Kingdom”, on God’s great love for the world. I am truly happy to have become more familiar with these mysterious realities.

To come and live here in another reality has been a fascinating adventure, even though it can be trying to understand the Bulgarian culture,  which can be aggressive at times but friendly as well.

This is not always easy. I have enjoyed discovering Assumption’s great heritage in Bulgaria.

All of these experiences have led me to ask to become a postulant with the Assumptionists and I wish to express the reason in the following way:

“…I know a woman, she has a mouth like his; she knows his life, knows his devils and his dreams and she told me, 'go with him, stay with him if you can, but be ready to shed your blood… ' "

Through the Oriental tradition I have discovered the Church, symbolized by the icon of the Mother of God carrying the Child Jesus.

With her, I want to seek the Lord and place myself in his hands with all the strength of my spirit. The only way to be with him is to follow him.

Aware of all the responsibilities and efforts that the road on which I am beginning to walk demands, I am not yet ready to shed my blood for him, but the consequences of this choice are quite clear in my mind, as well as the commitment linked to my acceptance as a postulant.

I know that the road will be quite long, but I wish to pursue it and let the Spirit guide me.

To come here has been a very good experience for me and continues to be so, but my time as a volunteer is finished, and now it is time to move on to a new phase in my life.