13 November, memorial for the Blessed Assumptionist Bulgarian Martyrs


« Obtain for us through your prayer the grace of remaining faithful to Christ and the Church in our daily life so that we may be worthy of becoming His witnesses when the time comes.

These words of Father Kamen Vitchev introduce our reflection this year on the feast of 13 November, memorial of our three Blessed Bulgarian Martyrs,
This prayer of Father Kamen retains all of its relevance. Being faithful to Christ and the Church in our daily life is a task that is beyond our capacity if we dont have the help of grace, and grace is a gift that we obtain through prayer, especially the prayer of intercession of our brothers.
Obtain for us through your prayer
Father Kamen was very conscious of his human weakness; he also knew that Christian witness is the fruit of a tried faithfulness day after day.
This faithfulness does not lie outside of the ordinary and even less is it a question of human heroism.
On the contrary, it is our daily life that is the privileged site where Christ molds our life and makes us worthy, day after day, of being His witnesses.
During this past year the Lords grace touched us through several events that marked our daily life.
The Eastern tradition and the witness of our three martyrs were "guests" in France on the occasion of the retreat preached by Fr. Petar to the Oblate Sisters in July, but especially for the first time in Madagascar in August, thanks once again to Father Petar and the spiritual exercises that he preached to our brothers and sisters on this big island.

For its part, Plovdiv was the site of a formation session on the Eastern Mission (Mission d'Orient) and internationality.

From 25 August to 15 September, some fifteen Assumptionist brothers and as many Oblate sisters from all over the world came face to face with the riches and complexities of the Eastern tradition. It was a rich opportunity of getting to know one another, of prayer, sharing, and fraternity.

Filled with gratitude and appreciation, we wish to thank all of the participants who accepted to come and discover the sites and the spirituality that marked the lives of our three blessed Bulgarian martyrs. We shall carry with us for a long time to come the echos of their fraternal presence.

As everyone knows, Christian memory is not made up of remembering the past, but rather of making present the past so that it may reach us with its vital force.

Obtain for us through your prayer
These words have deep meaning and relevance for us today.
We can address them to our three blessed martyred brothers, Pavel Djidjov, Josaphat Chichkov, and Kamen Vitchev, so that what they asked for concerning themselves, in obtaining it, may also be realized in the lives of all those who feel linked to the family of the Assumption (brothers, sisters, friends.

We wish you happy feast day on 13 November!
The community of Plovdiv.